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Real estate in Canada

In the news

We keep a close eye on real estate trends in Canada, particularly through news coverage.
Here are a few articles of interest on the topic. Enjoy!

A $25-million real estate development in Val-des-Lacs!

Daniel Deslauriers – L’Information du Nord , February 2018
Groupe Immobilier Van Houtte and Développements Tremblant Nord have just joined forces to develop the Secret Life development in Val-des-Lacs. This real estate development will be built on 200 acres of land, subdivided into 80 lots, and offer a breathtaking view. “Secret Life is my 7th residential development on the north side of Mont-Tremblant, specifically in Val-des-Lacs…
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Chic resorts at the peak of luxury

Nelly Chevais – Le Figaro, March-April 2014
Cottages the size of a private mansion or a small palace, complete with hot tubs and swimming pools, limousines and private planes… In some resorts, if it weren’t for the mountains, you’d think you were on a cape of the French Riviera or in Monaco. The Alps are still at the pinnacle of the glamorous après-ski scene, but resorts on other continents are close behind…
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Want out of the crisis? Be more like a Canadian! – July 2010
For once, Americans are eyeing their northern neighbours with envy. The pragmatism of Canadian culture has made them more recession-proof, says the Los Angeles Times…
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My Canadian cottage

Le Journal d’information du Valais – June 2010
This is no longer a pipe dream. The real estate market is looking more and more attractive in North America. The subprime crisis has come and gone. Even though it completely disrupted the market in the U.S., Canada, particularly Quebec, is still an attractive option…
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Focus on Mont-Tremblant: Quebec at its purest

Par Indicateur Bertrand – October 2008
In eastern Canada, on the shores of a lake or in the middle of the mountains, DTN offers private estates ranging in size from 3,500 m² to 10,000 m². If there is a paradise for lovers of wide open spaces, fresh air and tranquility, Mont-Tremblant National Park is pretty close. We are here in Quebec, on a vast stretch of land spanning 1,500 km – an absolutely unique place with more than 400 lakes, plus rivers, waterfalls and hundreds of kilometres of trails…
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